What We Do

We are a nonprofit community based sportsman's club based in Kaleva, MI. We are here to preserve for ourselves and for the future generations the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and have fun along the way. Our membership takes pride in our community enrichment activities, and we are actively seeking new members.

Membership is open to all individuals that have a desire to participate.

Annual dues of $60 ($30 for spouses) are required of all members over the age of 18 years old. 17 and under can join for free.

All new members and Cubs (persons under the age of 18) must be sponsored by a current member of the club in good standing.


I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my Country – its air, soil, and minerals; its forest, waters, and wildlife.


At Big Bear Sportsman's Club, we take great strides in being involved with the Manistee County community. From our Hunter's Safety classes to hosting a Business After Hours event for the Manistee Area Chamber of Commerce, everything we do involves the community. We were awarded the Chamber's Action Award for Community Service in recognition of our community enrichment programs.

Our Community Service Awards

Our Community Service Awards

We hosted the Manistee Chamber of Commerce's Business After Hours event in April 2014

We hosted the Manistee Chamber of Commerce's Business After Hours event in April 2014

Hunter's Safety Classes

Hunter's Safety Classes



  • Dave Somsel

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First VP

  • Jack McKinley

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Second VP

  • Lee Ziehm

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Executive Secretary

  • Donna Rector

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  • Jim Kovalesky

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  • Randy Sanovic

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Board Of Directors

  • Kyle Converse

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  • Bob Schuelke

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  • Denny Wheeler

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  • Rich Kinnunen

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  • Charlie Peterson

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  • Dennis Cohoon

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