Big Bear Sportsman's Club is proud of the hard work and effort our members put into our rifle and pistol shooting ranges on our beautiful 80 acre Sportsman's Club property located in Kaleva Mi. 

Our ranges are open to members and their guests, members must be present at all times.

Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range Fees

Donation Accepted for Members

$2.00 for guests

Range Safety Rules

 1. All members and guests shooters must sign in and out in the book or entry form provided. All shooters must sign waiver form prior to shooting.

2. Firearms may NOT be handled after consuming alcohol or illegal drugs. 

3. Keep gun unloaded and action open except when firing. 

4. Wear eye and ear protection when on or near firing line. 

5. Load and fire and unload only from the pads. 

6. Do not close action until it is your turn to shoot. 

7. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot. 

8. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction. 

9. No horse play on range. 

10. Load one round for singles. 

11. Pick up empties only after round is completed. 

12. No shot larger than 7 1/2 on the shotgun ranges

I have read and understand the Range Rules for the Big Bear Sportsman's Club and will do my utmost to follow them when at the range. My privileges may be revoked at any time if these rules are not followed.

The Range Safety Officer will always have the final say on all range operations. Their decision is final. If they feel the range is being operated in a un-safe manner, they will shut done the range immediately.