Archery Range

With the opening of our new 30 station archery range, Big Bear Sportsmans Club is truly catering to the ever growing sport of archery shooting.

The archery range is open to the public Sundays from Noon to 3 PM, May through November, weather permitting. 

Whether you are an avid bow hunter or simply enjoy the sport of archery, our 30 station archery range will surely test all of your bow and arrow shooting skills. 

Within the 30 stations, you’ll find shots of varying distances, as well as, various cover situations. Shots may have to be taken through brush, around trees, and in some adverse footing conditions, including a tree stand station. 

Range conditions that will come as close to actual field shooting situations as we could reproduce. 

Big Bear Sportsmans Club’s 30 stand archery course now offers archers their choice of bale shooting, or the increasingly popular 3D target shooting. 

While the 3D target shooting costs more than bale shooting, nothing compares to the excitement and real life shooting conditions that an actual 3D target can produce.

We allow the use of field heads only on your arrows, as broad heads and other tips may become damaged or un-retrievable due to the nature of our backstops construction.

Archery Range Fees

Traditional Bale Shooting  

$2.00 for members

$4.00 for non-members

$1.00 for children 16 and under

3D Target Shooting

 $6.00 for members

$8.00 for non-members

$3.00 for children 16 and under